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Our values

In order to keep evolving and create a brighter future in Bulgaria, we rely on key values and governance policies derived from many years’ experience in services, customer service and team work:

We ensure high quality energy supply through continuous investment, experience and expertise

We are committed to our customers; we aim to take the best care of their needs

We achieve our goals by developing our employees not only as professionals, but also as people

We put our energies into the sustainable development of Bulgarian society and the economy

What we offer

At EVN Bulgaria, we believe in balance - the perfect ratio between work and leisure, action and planning. It is important for us that every employee feels motivated, valued, inspired and energised. We continually strive to expand and adapt our social package to meet our employees' needs.

Flexible working hours

The opportunity for employees to change the start and finish times of their working day for maximum efficiency and motivation, and to achieve the optimal balance between work and personal time.

EVN Academy

We offer a well-developed training programme, which helps each employee to enrich their skills and capabilities. Well-trained professionals are our strength.


For us, safety is a top priority. So we are developing a variety of campaigns and internal training to increase our colleagues’ professional skills and awareness.

Developing skills and competences

Our work is interesting and complex, so anyone who wants to develop as a specialist has the opportunity to try new tasks in order to develop their potential.

Additional health insurance

We organise annual preventative medical check-ups with a wide range of professionals and we provide a comprehensive package of medical services for the prevention and treatment of illnesses.

A harmonious environment

We show respect and understanding to others, to everyone in the company. We support each other, give a helping hand and complement each other.

What are we looking for?

At EVN we are looking for talented, highly motivated professionals who have energy, enthusiasm and a high commitment to realising their personal and professional potential.
We are looking for the right people to meet our goals.
We are looking for people who recognise our mission as their own and with whom we will share a common direction.
We are looking for people who we can rely on to support us in our ambitious environmental goals, by their actions and by the high standards they set for themselves.

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Contact us

0700 1 7777

Electricity and services
Monday - Friday from 8:00 to 17:00

0700 1 0007

For power cuts in Southeast Bulgaria
24/7, including public holidays

0700 1 0207

Automated bill checking
24/7, including public holidays

0700 1 7898

Heating and services
24/7, including public holidays