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Every residential customer of EVN Elektrosnabdiavane can register for free email or SMS notification services and receive:

  1. Advance notification of upcoming disconnection of power supply if the payment deadline has not been met (find out more here);

  2. Monthly billing information (find out more here).

Sign up filling in this Declaration and emailing it signed and scanned to [email protected]. The only requirement is that you are the account holder. If you need to change this information, you can do so free of charge at any EVN Office.

You can choose to receive notifications via either SMS or email. Enter your email address or mobile phone number to select your preferred method. If you wish to change it later, you can fill in the form again.


For business customers

For business customers, we offer electronic invoices and advance notification of potential disconnection. To register you need to fill in a Declaration for Business Customers. You can do this at any EVN Office or you can send it to us by email (signed by electronic signature).

Advance notification of disconnection due to unpaid bills

If a monthly bill is overdue by 10 days, EVN Elektrosnabdiavane is entitled to disconnect your electricity supply in compliance with the Energy Act.
Customers of EVN Elektrosnabdiavane can register for this free service to receive advance notification by SMS or email of any potential disconnection due to unpaid bills.

Advantages for you:


  • convenient and prompt notification for overdue payments
  • reduced chance of disconnection due to unpaid bills
  • avoidance of re-connection fees

The service is provided free of charge to all residential customers. Apply easily by email to [email protected], by attaching a signed and scanned declaration.

In addition, you can receive monthly information by SMS or email about your bill (see more here).

If you have more than one unpaid bill for the same MPN, you will receive information about the total amount payable. If more than one MPN for electricity is registered in your name, information about the different MPNs can be sent to a single mobile number or email address.

Billing information by email/SMS

Receive monthly information about your bills either by email or by SMS. This service is free of charge and can be requested easily by email to [email protected] by attaching a signed and scanned declaration.

Important information for customers who have already registered
If you did not confirm your consent in 2018, a new registration for the free service is required. The measure complies with the European rules on the protection of personal data. For more information about how EVN Elektrosnabdiavane processes personal data, please follow the link.
These conditions do not affect SMS or email notifications of disconnection for non-payment if you have also requested this free service.

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